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"Badges arrived today (Saturday) in mint condition. The artwork was excellent — but seeing/holding it in person is awesome, as I knew it would be. Collinson Enterprises has produced a 1st Class Badge of superior quality, design is top notch. . . It speaks to a time that no one I know will ever forget."


Follow the journey of how a badge is conceived, designed, and manufactured, as illustrated by the United States Probation System's 75th Anniversary Commemorative Badge. Let Collinson Enterprises create for you a badge of unsurpassed quality, helping you at every step along the way, drawing upon their decades of experience.

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This unique custom badge, coin, and pin set designed exclusively for District of Columbia Fire & EMS to commemorate the 59th Inauguration of the President of the United States is now available to interested collectors.For information please email Elliot Goodman at dcfirebye@aol.com

Commendation Bars for Veterans in Law Enforcement
  Commendation Bars for Veterans in Law Enforcement
Drone Pilot Uniform Insignia
  Drone Pilot Uniform Insignia
Homicide Uniform Insignia
  Homicide Uniform Insignia
Fire Department Honor Guard Device
  Fire Department Honor Guard Device
Ball Cap Lapel Pin
  Ball Cap Lapel Pin
SWAT Uniform Insignia
  SWAT Uniform Insignia
DC FOP Lodge #1 Auxiliary Coin
  DC FOP Lodge #1 Auxiliary Coin
Air Force Security Forces Association Ring
  Air Force Security Forces Association Ring


Badges you can wear with pride, from Collinson Enterprises. Browse our website to find out why the FBI, DEA, and other law enforcement agencies rely on Collinson for badges, pins, signet rings, and other items. Choose from our top-quality product lines. Or let us design a custom badge for you. If you want to mark a special occasion, or simply honor your history -- a custom badge is a unique way to identify your law enforcement agency and stand out from the crowd.


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